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About Company

OZON Aljaded For Telecom and Technology

Is a Libyan company established in 2016 in P, a license from the Ministry of Communications and Informatics and a license from the Ministry of Economy specialized in the field of communications and information technology and a provider of fixed internet services.
Our vision
That the new Ozone establishes its position in the field of communications technology for its ability to meet the market’s desires, with its innovative services that are unlimited in quality and meet the entire needs of the subscribers and enhance their level of service and ability and accordingly we have proven our presence as an innovative and certified operator. We have expanded our services to a large number of cities, as well as other services for business users.
Our message
That the new Ozone remains one of the largest companies that provide communications services and integrated solutions currently in most cities of the western region and in the future in most regions and quarters of Libya and the availability of renewable technology guaranteed by our team motivated with a strong determination to serve the subscribers.
Our goals
  • Transformation to an information society, and a digital economy, to increase productivity, and to provide communications and information technology services to all sectors of society, throughout the country.
  • Build and manufacture a strong communications and information technology competition locally through research and development in strategic areas.
  • Providing the best services to subscribers.
  • Meet the different technological needs of commercial companies.
  • Building a company specialized in the field of telecommunications that depends on local expertise with high caliber.